100 Head O/H kit for NA6CEgenuine parts turbo head gasket/MARUHA MOTORS

Head O/H kit for NA6CE
genuine parts turbo head gasket

Parts for head O/H of NA6CE/B6.
Except the needed parts the set contains the turbo metal gasket too.
The metal gasket's size is 79*2.0mm.
It is a suitable set for turbo head tuning with a reasonable price.
Please note that the injecto

  • mar0000009 Metal head gasketbore79mm t 2.0mm x 1
  • maz04051935 Gasket Head Cover x 1
  • maz04061011 Gasket Exhaust pipe x 1
  • maz04052010 Heater hoseNo.2 x 1
  • maz04052008 Heater hoseNo.1 x 1
  • maz04061012 Gasket Exhaust manifold x 1
  • maz04061010 GasketIntake manifold x 1
  • maz04051967 Oil sealCamshaft x 2
  • maz04051953 Valve sealIntake x 8
  • maz04051954 Valve sealExhaust x 8
  • maz04051994 GasketThermostat x 2
  • maz04071402 Pin tubular x 2
  • maz04051993 O-ringThermo housing x 1